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Hello Again [21 May 2006|03:54pm]
[ mood | content ]

I really hope that I've grown and matured since my last posts, geeze...as always I sound like a freakin idiot. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was a senior in high school...and here I am, enjoying my last long summer vacation, about to start my senior year of college. So I'm back in NYC for a bit...still enjoying Sex and the City marathons and shopping sprees...but this time I can legally enjoy my cosmopolitans.

Sean helped me explore the joys of being 21 in NYC, though it DOES get a bit expensive...ugh, I'm just not really excited for this summer...maybe it's because it's been thunder storming every day, and I got called for jury duty, and I've been having dental dilemmas. So I think I should start writing more...just to be more in touch with myself, because I've been feeling so blank lately.

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[14 Dec 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Hey Guys!
Ugh I hate finals and I'm pretty sure I have ADD right now. I'm writing a paper on it and I can barely write it, UGH. I am addicted to VH1, it's been airing marathons of "Americas Next Top Model" and specials on "Victoria's Secret Angels" I AM OBSESSED WITH THE ANGELS, I want to be one so badly! And I really want to be Brazilian, they are SO hot. Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are definitely my favorite models ever.
So besides finals and TV I've been having so much fun at formals! Cory's semiformal was at TPDS and so fun. He was on crutches but we had fun anyway, nothing can beat open bar. My formal was last night and I was a shitshow, which is funny, because I'm VP Risk Management and yeah, wasn't supposed to get trashed but I did anyway. Ballroom at the Ben is amazing, so beautiful, it reminded me of my prom, but this time with an open bar.
Ok, this is the weirdest thing, but this morning I was dreaming, and I didn't want the dream to stop. So everytime I'd wake up a little, I'd just doze back to sleep to keep dreaming. The dream was nuts, its not that it was a good dream, I think I just wanted to keep seeing, you guessed it...SAM. It was so weird, he transferred to Villanova and his friends were like "do you know what happened to him? The story behind him? When he came he looked so out of it and we all thought, either this guy is drugged out or totally awesome" or something like that. Either way, it's killing me that I don't know how he is and part of me misses him. And it's annoying, because I think he's spoiling my relationship with Cory. Like, I love CB but it's not the same.... But I guess nothing but two years can compare to the two years with Sam. And it's hard to remember Sam but even harder to forget him, ya know? Oh well. Here are some pictures from the formals

pictures don't work here....but here's the link!

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continued [09 Dec 2004|01:25am]
[ mood | cold ]

Hey guys!
Ok I was interrupted during the last post so here we go again. Well I've been breaking out a lot recently and now my heart hurts and I feel like I'm having a heart attack (my mom thinks it's probably just back pains or an ulcer) so I think I'm pretty stressed right now. I have a paper and 4 exams until winter break, yikes.

More stress comes from finding housing for next year. We have so many options and so many people and evrything is just a mess. I think things will work themselves out though and as long as I get to live with my girls, it'll be awesome. But location really does matter to me...and I can't pay too too too much for it. I dunno, I'm just not impressed with a bunch of the houses I've seen, I REALLY WANTED TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE ON40th and Baltimore but it was leased out already.

So Cory's semiformal is this friday and my formal is on Monday, I was so scared that my dress wouldn't arrive in time so I ordered another dress, which came today! How is it that I ordered moccassins a week ago and they haven't come yet, a dress on Sunday that hasn't come, but 2 dresses on Monday which came today on Wednesday, interesting. And I got Aids Awareness jelly bracelets for some of my friends here...which still haven't come. But either way, I have dresses for these upcoming events so everything is peachy.

I seriously think I have problems with being a girlfriend...but I won't get into that right now, I love CB, teehee, and he loves me, so everythings great. I think I've been really bitchy lately though, like very hormonal, I hate PMS. And I was supposed to switch my birth control pill to increase estrogen levels in the hope that my breasts would grow, but I chickened out and bought 3 more packs of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo...so I guess I'm stuck with low doses of estrogen and my tiny tatas for 3 more months.

It's annoying that I still think about Sam...especially when I'm PMSing, and yes I still call Cory Sam sometimes, oops! I guess it's just that we went out for 2 years and we had a pretty serious relationship, and nothings going to erase him from my mind....as far as I can see. And we had a deep bond that is hard to shake loose. Ya know?

Ok well back to studying, because I have to do well on these finals so hopefully I can stay on Exec and keep my GPA up to par.


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Update, long over due... [08 Dec 2004|12:00am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys
So at Marc's request...and Marc's reminder, I suppose I should update this baby. Ok so how have I been...pretty good, pretty stressed. This semester started off amazingly, NSO was awesome, but I think I started off the year partying a little too hard, cuz my grades sure did suffer and now I'm like a bookworm because I need to get my grades up.

Living in the sorority house is awesome. Claire's my roommate, Blair lives right next door and Lea is upstairs. And I've gotten to know everyone better. And I'm on EXEC! woohoo, haha, as VP Risk Management. Last year Becky Shore (the girl who prefed me) told me things didn't really sink in until sophomore year and apparently sophomore year is the best sorority year. It's annoying that we can't have illegal mixers anymore, but oh well. Formal is soon and it looks to be AMAZING! Open bar, fancy place, now I just need a dress! BUT I HAVE A DATE!

Cory is a really great boyfriend. Like seriously, who woulda thought, cuz we met under the sketchiest circumstances and he's pretty sketchy. He's still a big, dirty, republican, Texan, Pike frat boy. But I get to see him everyday and...here he is right now, gotta get the door for him!

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BORED [15 Aug 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey dudes
I am bored out of my MIND, plus probably PMSing, plus the weather is miserable, so all in all I'm like depressed and so not in a good mood. Like, part of me isn't even looking forward to going back to Penn, but then again, WHO AM I KIDDING, haha, I MISS YOU GUYS! When are you all going back anyway, I dunno when I'm even really allowed to move back.

Ok so home is getting extremely lame. Like I love having my own bathroom and actually being able to be alone and have privacy, but now I'm getting lonely! And seriously, I'm no fun anymore, like my funness meter is at about a ZERO right now. I miss those crazy Penn nights full of boys and booze? Like I was thinking back to that last night at Penn, that was probably the epitome of drunken craziness for me. I miss being able to find something fun to do every night, and friends who are up for anything and SO excited to go out, and living with the funnest girls.

But don't get me wrong, I love home, duh, I love NYC, and I'm soo comfortable with my girls here cuz we've known each other for like EVER, but when we actually do all ever get together, we like drink and sit around and talk.....no drinking games, no craziness, no partying. And as AJ said, he feels like he doesn't know me anymore cuz he doesn't know a Val Chin who isn't wild and crazy

Anyway, I guess i beetter have fun these last 2 weeks walkin around NYC, shopping, and talking with my girls, cuz Penn's right around the corner and I'm sooo excited to party at The Castle and Phi Psi, DUUUHHHH

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Ocean City [04 Aug 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Hey guys!
Boy did I need this passed weekend...it was fabulous and now that I'm back in the city, I don't take it for granted anymore. And even though I've been itching to go back to Penn...I'm cool with waiting a little until I go back. Because even though this city is nuts and I've reverted to being a crazy girly girl who can only shop and complain about looks...I sure will miss this city of York that is New.

But I had a Penn-filled weekend and it was great! I swear being back on campus gave me hives, living on a campus really bugs me out...like, where are all the tall buildings and the city blocks and fabulous looking people who are dressed to the nines even when they're just out getting groceries? And even though I've complained ALL summer about missing frat parties and beeer....YEAh, I COULD DO WITHOUT THOSE FOR A WHILE. All weekend I just played beirut, drank beer, sat on the beach, and slept with random guys...not the sleeping part, but everything else...but on the topic of sleeping with guys....
Cory is acually a really sweet person. Sure he's a big, Texan, conservative, dirty frat boy....but he has his moments. The highlight of my weekend was walking on the beach with him at night, getting to see the stars, and watch the waves roll in and dodge people who were having sex on the sand (!!)...it was so romantic even though we're not (get it...?), and suddenly he stopped me and looked me in the eyes and told me I was the only one for him. HAHA, just kidding!! What he said was
"Val, there's something I want you to know...I haven't hooked up with anyone this summer, you can ask anyone, it's weird....I dream about you at least twice a week...and yeah, just wanted you to know that"
So I as like "um...ok creepy" no I think that's what I was thinking, but what was I supposed to say? "Good for you? Thanks for not sleeping around?" So I was like "that's good to hear...me neither"??? haha, yeah...well it was just so cute and I love being on the beach with him....especially at night and cuddling in bed, i love it.
And it's so weird...but like...I dunno how to describe it, I think I might be "falling for him"......aah, because on our drive back it wasn't awkward anymore, and we talked about everything...from our childhoods to the presidential race and everything in between. And I NEVER compare boys to Sam anymore, but i started thinking about Sam because this is the way I felt with Sam...and this is what I used to do with Sam and the worst part is I almost called him Sam, almost came out, good that it didnt!...so I'm thinking I'm getting a little attached to Cory, which isn't a bad thing....but not so great, because I don't want to and I dont think he wants to but God knows what he's thinking. Plus, both of us have social anxiety, in that we can't really talk to people of the opposite sex when we're sober...haha. But the scariest part was that he like, really made me laugh a real laugh....sounds silly but yeah...ok I'm gonna end it there.

So i dont know what to do now, because I guess I actually really like him, and he's not just someone to hang out with or talk to just cuz I'm bored. Boo, let's hope he keeps dreaming about me and doesn't hook up with any girls for the rest of the summer

But no more thinking about him.....time to get back into the daily routine of dieting, exercising, and livin up the last weeks of summer with my girls! So excited for the Yankees Game and Weekend of Love

Oh! but on another note, this weekend I was SOOO happy that I could barely eat a thing! Also i was probably just so full of beer...but I told you having a 'boyfriend' would help me stop being so crazy about my weight and shopping and stuff


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VANITY [25 Jul 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey dudes, I have a major problem...ok well two
1. I'm a shopaholic
2. I have crazy body image issues.....vanity if you will
and these two problems create an even bigger problem....
I SPEND WAY TOO MUCH MONEY....as in my parents' money because I'm making jack shit this summer.

So I've never been one to buy into those silly infomercials about increasing your boob size, a diet patch that actually works, diet pills, amazing cream that does this, miracle pills that do that........BUT....I think I have sunken to an all time low and gotten SO desperate and have been feeling SO down on myself lately, that I have given in.

I'm trying these diet pills out, my dad says they don't work cuz he's tried them, but I say...they can't hurt, I'll give em six months (six months is my trial period for everything) and if they don't work for me, I'll give up on them

I bought this stretch mark reducer cream....use twice a day for about 3 months and they'll *hopefully* go away, there was this Strivectin cream that was an INSANE $175, apparently it works but I opted for the cheaper $49 cream

FAT GIRL SLIM...my fave product, cream to make my cellulite go away! It has caffeine in it as its active ingredient, apparently no one knows if caffeine really works, oops...I should've gotten the INSANELY priced $150 Liposuction or whatever cream...but this cream was 25 bucks...so I'm givin it a try

I really wanted to try the MBT sneakers that apparently reduce cellulite, but those are like $250, so I got these ridiculously fashionable BIKER SHORTS...thats right 80s, I'm back again! So I'd never be caught dead sportin biker shorts on the street....unless I were "working out" so these shorts will hopefully push me to actually go biking and jogging

And now for the most self-indulgent part....I'm going to be a spa whore. Getting a shrink wrap, thigh massages, lymphatic drainage massage..........I MUST GET SKINNY AND I MUST LOSE MY THIGHS! at any cost...to my parents. And while I'm at the spa, might as well get a manicure, pedicure, facial and electrolysis, right? esp. electrolysis, I am SO tired of having unwanted hairs!!

I seriously need a hobby, I think I'm suffering from being chronically under-aroused.....like, i was so bored one day I dyed my hair 3 times! Don't ask...the third time I had to dye it back to it's original color because I had a freak accident with the dye and my hair. So hopefully I will be one sexy beast soon, I'm givin it 6 months

On another note, I think all of my problems would be solved if my parents just bought me a car and I had a boyfriend or I was back at school. That made zero sense...but it makes sense to me...sorta kinda....ok, time to book my spa appointments, anyone want to come with moi?


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uggh get out of my head [14 Jul 2004|10:15pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

You know what sucks? And what's always sucked? The fact that you can reach me, but I can't reach you. The fact that I'm always here, the fact that I've always been here, that I've always been so available, so accessible, so open and the fact that you were always "there," wherever "there" happened to be...just not "here" with me. And even though everything's changed, it feels like nothings changed at all, because it's always been this way, and that's why it couldn't work out. Sure it worked for you, but it never worked for me.
Looking back on it now, it's so obvious to me, but what about you? how did you feel? How do you feel now? Do you think about me? Do you ever wonder what I'm up to? Do you think about what happened? Because I think about it a lot. I never knew what was going on in your head, and I suppose I never will. I don't know how I'm supposed to handle this if these thoughts plague me all the time and I don't see how i'm supposed to get any closure if there's no way to contact you.
It's annoying that I'm reminded of you a lot of the time...indirectly. Ughh, "your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone" WORD.......
It's weird...I feel like I've made so much progress, I feel like I've matured a bit more, figured stuff out for myself, and that I'm content...but this feeling haunts me and I hope this feeling will go away soon. That one day I won't think about you at all, that I'll never have to remember the good times or bad times. I'm already having trouble remembering how it all ended, how you looked, how it felt. It'll be hard forgetting how it started and how I felt...

I guess this is the falling out huh...I was always so worried I'd never find someone as great as you, but now I'm not worried, because nothing's perfect, and I have a lot of time left. But I know nothing would be the same with or without you, I just wish I knew how you felt, and I wish with all my might that I could see you again, that we could catch up. And that I could see with my own eyes that you are all right, that you are in fact better off without me....oh well. There's so much that I've learned, so much has changed, but this is the one thing that hasn't changed, that I wish would change. If someone could've told me to let go of you, and that nothing between us would change, and if I could've trusted them...then I suppose I would've been a lot better off than I am now.

Sorry....all of that was on my mind today and I had to get it off my chest. I have happier thoughts running through my head, but that'll be for another day ;)

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EEW [05 Jul 2004|05:47pm]
i guess it's because this is just a journal....and a livejournal at that, but reading over my old entries makes me wanna puke...yeah, ok, I promise to write better in future entries
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boored [05 Jul 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I finally updated my "interests" and other things on LJ, yeah...one of my interests used to be "my boyfriend," eew that was lame...hopefully I was aware of its lameness when I acutally put it in as one of my interests. But then again...my LJ was like all about him, oh well. But on the boyfriend note, I was watching "Summerland" the other day and this ugly little girl was whining about some guy not calling her so this guy was like "why don't you call him? guys love it when you call" and she was like "nooo...waah waah wahh", but I perked up at that and was like...maybe I should give it a try, so even though I have like this weird anxiety about calling boys, I for the first time in my life called a boy first. Ok well not really first, but first in a long time....ya know? Well either way, he didnt even pick up, but he did call back and he's so fun.
And and and it was so cute because I was sorta busy so after talking for a while I guess he could tell I was in the middle of something so he was like "sounds like you're a little busy now, I'll just give you a call back in a couple of days and we'll have more time to talk then" and I thought that was the sweetest thing, because well....he's not really the type of person to just call to talk, and we're not in the type of relationship in which we'd talk about nothin at all, ya know? And I forget how to talk on the phone! The last time I talked for no reason in particular was with my exboyfriend.
So July 4th was fun, kickin back beers at a BBQ then headin down to see Fireworks.
Um...and I have a crush on this boy but he has a boyfriend! haha, yeah....I love him, he's gay, I'll never have him, and I love it. He's so cuuuuuuuuute
Ok, enough about boys, yiikes, my friends rub off on me. Ok, i'm bored and procrastinating...

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