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I finally updated my "interests" and other things on LJ, of my interests used to be "my boyfriend," eew that was lame...hopefully I was aware of its lameness when I acutally put it in as one of my interests. But then LJ was like all about him, oh well. But on the boyfriend note, I was watching "Summerland" the other day and this ugly little girl was whining about some guy not calling her so this guy was like "why don't you call him? guys love it when you call" and she was like "nooo...waah waah wahh", but I perked up at that and was like...maybe I should give it a try, so even though I have like this weird anxiety about calling boys, I for the first time in my life called a boy first. Ok well not really first, but first in a long time....ya know? Well either way, he didnt even pick up, but he did call back and he's so fun.
And and and it was so cute because I was sorta busy so after talking for a while I guess he could tell I was in the middle of something so he was like "sounds like you're a little busy now, I'll just give you a call back in a couple of days and we'll have more time to talk then" and I thought that was the sweetest thing, because well....he's not really the type of person to just call to talk, and we're not in the type of relationship in which we'd talk about nothin at all, ya know? And I forget how to talk on the phone! The last time I talked for no reason in particular was with my exboyfriend.
So July 4th was fun, kickin back beers at a BBQ then headin down to see Fireworks.
Um...and I have a crush on this boy but he has a boyfriend! haha, yeah....I love him, he's gay, I'll never have him, and I love it. He's so cuuuuuuuuute
Ok, enough about boys, yiikes, my friends rub off on me. Ok, i'm bored and procrastinating...
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