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Ocean City

Hey guys!
Boy did I need this passed was fabulous and now that I'm back in the city, I don't take it for granted anymore. And even though I've been itching to go back to Penn...I'm cool with waiting a little until I go back. Because even though this city is nuts and I've reverted to being a crazy girly girl who can only shop and complain about looks...I sure will miss this city of York that is New.

But I had a Penn-filled weekend and it was great! I swear being back on campus gave me hives, living on a campus really bugs me, where are all the tall buildings and the city blocks and fabulous looking people who are dressed to the nines even when they're just out getting groceries? And even though I've complained ALL summer about missing frat parties and beeer....YEAh, I COULD DO WITHOUT THOSE FOR A WHILE. All weekend I just played beirut, drank beer, sat on the beach, and slept with random guys...not the sleeping part, but everything else...but on the topic of sleeping with guys....
Cory is acually a really sweet person. Sure he's a big, Texan, conservative, dirty frat boy....but he has his moments. The highlight of my weekend was walking on the beach with him at night, getting to see the stars, and watch the waves roll in and dodge people who were having sex on the sand (!!) was so romantic even though we're not (get it...?), and suddenly he stopped me and looked me in the eyes and told me I was the only one for him. HAHA, just kidding!! What he said was
"Val, there's something I want you to know...I haven't hooked up with anyone this summer, you can ask anyone, it's weird....I dream about you at least twice a week...and yeah, just wanted you to know that"
So I as like "um...ok creepy" no I think that's what I was thinking, but what was I supposed to say? "Good for you? Thanks for not sleeping around?" So I was like "that's good to neither"??? haha, yeah...well it was just so cute and I love being on the beach with him....especially at night and cuddling in bed, i love it.
And it's so weird...but like...I dunno how to describe it, I think I might be "falling for him"......aah, because on our drive back it wasn't awkward anymore, and we talked about everything...from our childhoods to the presidential race and everything in between. And I NEVER compare boys to Sam anymore, but i started thinking about Sam because this is the way I felt with Sam...and this is what I used to do with Sam and the worst part is I almost called him Sam, almost came out, good that it didnt! I'm thinking I'm getting a little attached to Cory, which isn't a bad thing....but not so great, because I don't want to and I dont think he wants to but God knows what he's thinking. Plus, both of us have social anxiety, in that we can't really talk to people of the opposite sex when we're sober...haha. But the scariest part was that he like, really made me laugh a real laugh....sounds silly but yeah...ok I'm gonna end it there.

So i dont know what to do now, because I guess I actually really like him, and he's not just someone to hang out with or talk to just cuz I'm bored. Boo, let's hope he keeps dreaming about me and doesn't hook up with any girls for the rest of the summer

But no more thinking about him.....time to get back into the daily routine of dieting, exercising, and livin up the last weeks of summer with my girls! So excited for the Yankees Game and Weekend of Love

Oh! but on another note, this weekend I was SOOO happy that I could barely eat a thing! Also i was probably just so full of beer...but I told you having a 'boyfriend' would help me stop being so crazy about my weight and shopping and stuff

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