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Hey dudes
I am bored out of my MIND, plus probably PMSing, plus the weather is miserable, so all in all I'm like depressed and so not in a good mood. Like, part of me isn't even looking forward to going back to Penn, but then again, WHO AM I KIDDING, haha, I MISS YOU GUYS! When are you all going back anyway, I dunno when I'm even really allowed to move back.

Ok so home is getting extremely lame. Like I love having my own bathroom and actually being able to be alone and have privacy, but now I'm getting lonely! And seriously, I'm no fun anymore, like my funness meter is at about a ZERO right now. I miss those crazy Penn nights full of boys and booze? Like I was thinking back to that last night at Penn, that was probably the epitome of drunken craziness for me. I miss being able to find something fun to do every night, and friends who are up for anything and SO excited to go out, and living with the funnest girls.

But don't get me wrong, I love home, duh, I love NYC, and I'm soo comfortable with my girls here cuz we've known each other for like EVER, but when we actually do all ever get together, we like drink and sit around and drinking games, no craziness, no partying. And as AJ said, he feels like he doesn't know me anymore cuz he doesn't know a Val Chin who isn't wild and crazy

Anyway, I guess i beetter have fun these last 2 weeks walkin around NYC, shopping, and talking with my girls, cuz Penn's right around the corner and I'm sooo excited to party at The Castle and Phi Psi, DUUUHHHH
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