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Update, long over due...

Hey guys
So at Marc's request...and Marc's reminder, I suppose I should update this baby. Ok so how have I been...pretty good, pretty stressed. This semester started off amazingly, NSO was awesome, but I think I started off the year partying a little too hard, cuz my grades sure did suffer and now I'm like a bookworm because I need to get my grades up.

Living in the sorority house is awesome. Claire's my roommate, Blair lives right next door and Lea is upstairs. And I've gotten to know everyone better. And I'm on EXEC! woohoo, haha, as VP Risk Management. Last year Becky Shore (the girl who prefed me) told me things didn't really sink in until sophomore year and apparently sophomore year is the best sorority year. It's annoying that we can't have illegal mixers anymore, but oh well. Formal is soon and it looks to be AMAZING! Open bar, fancy place, now I just need a dress! BUT I HAVE A DATE!

Cory is a really great boyfriend. Like seriously, who woulda thought, cuz we met under the sketchiest circumstances and he's pretty sketchy. He's still a big, dirty, republican, Texan, Pike frat boy. But I get to see him everyday he is right now, gotta get the door for him!
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