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Hey guys!
Ok I was interrupted during the last post so here we go again. Well I've been breaking out a lot recently and now my heart hurts and I feel like I'm having a heart attack (my mom thinks it's probably just back pains or an ulcer) so I think I'm pretty stressed right now. I have a paper and 4 exams until winter break, yikes.

More stress comes from finding housing for next year. We have so many options and so many people and evrything is just a mess. I think things will work themselves out though and as long as I get to live with my girls, it'll be awesome. But location really does matter to me...and I can't pay too too too much for it. I dunno, I'm just not impressed with a bunch of the houses I've seen, I REALLY WANTED TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE ON40th and Baltimore but it was leased out already.

So Cory's semiformal is this friday and my formal is on Monday, I was so scared that my dress wouldn't arrive in time so I ordered another dress, which came today! How is it that I ordered moccassins a week ago and they haven't come yet, a dress on Sunday that hasn't come, but 2 dresses on Monday which came today on Wednesday, interesting. And I got Aids Awareness jelly bracelets for some of my friends here...which still haven't come. But either way, I have dresses for these upcoming events so everything is peachy.

I seriously think I have problems with being a girlfriend...but I won't get into that right now, I love CB, teehee, and he loves me, so everythings great. I think I've been really bitchy lately though, like very hormonal, I hate PMS. And I was supposed to switch my birth control pill to increase estrogen levels in the hope that my breasts would grow, but I chickened out and bought 3 more packs of Ortho Tri-Cyclen I guess I'm stuck with low doses of estrogen and my tiny tatas for 3 more months.

It's annoying that I still think about Sam...especially when I'm PMSing, and yes I still call Cory Sam sometimes, oops! I guess it's just that we went out for 2 years and we had a pretty serious relationship, and nothings going to erase him from my far as I can see. And we had a deep bond that is hard to shake loose. Ya know?

Ok well back to studying, because I have to do well on these finals so hopefully I can stay on Exec and keep my GPA up to par.

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