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Hello Again

I really hope that I've grown and matured since my last posts, always I sound like a freakin idiot. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was a senior in high school...and here I am, enjoying my last long summer vacation, about to start my senior year of college. So I'm back in NYC for a bit...still enjoying Sex and the City marathons and shopping sprees...but this time I can legally enjoy my cosmopolitans.

Sean helped me explore the joys of being 21 in NYC, though it DOES get a bit expensive...ugh, I'm just not really excited for this summer...maybe it's because it's been thunder storming every day, and I got called for jury duty, and I've been having dental dilemmas. So I think I should start writing more...just to be more in touch with myself, because I've been feeling so blank lately.
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nice to see you back val! what are your summer plans?